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Vet Hunters Project (V.H.P.) “and the home of the brave….” documentary coming end of the year 2012 see the faces and voices of our invisible heroes. all solutions as we operate with no red tape! click on the video to check out one of the many awesome scenes you will witness in the film. “powerful beyond measure…”

Miracle Stories

Terry and Cicci’s Story

Woman with ALS, husband given home, car by Vet Hunters group

Terry and Cicci Channel 7


I am so happy to witnessed such an emotional event. Our very own good friend and mentor to the Vet Hunters Project after 50 years, finally received his high school diploma. Jose Ramos, founder of Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, prior to graduation, volunteered for service in Vietnam.


The Mission

Vet Hunters help struggling veterans over holidays

Rep. Napolitano Congratulates Vet Hunters on Housing Homeless Vets