With over 10,000 homeless Veteran Preventions/Placements … not bad for a grass roots movement made possible by: · Loyalty  · Duty · Respect  · Selfless service  · Honor  Integrity  · Personal courage  · Extensive “vetwork” · Dedicated volunteers

What is Vet Hunters Project all About

Joe Leal with a Veteran

Vet Hunters is a grass roots movement that was started by one soldier who vowed to honor his fallen comrades, by serving the living and leaving no veteran behind. Search and rescue missions in the streets of America were initiated and ‘vet hunting,” was born

Veteran Learning Centers of American

Veteran Learning Centers of America

On the job training in a career as a security guard. Not only do we provide quality advanced security training, we also connect Veterans/Families with supportive services ranging from homeless prevention, housing placements, food and transportation vouchers and much more.

Vet Hunters Military Motorcycle Club(D.O.D)

Vet Hunters Military Motorcycle Club(D.O.D.)

We love to ride, we love our freedom but most of all we salute, respect and love all those who served and fought in blood to preserve the life we live today!! God Bless America, God Bless our Troops and May God rest the souls of our fallen!! Vet Hunters MMC was founded to assist in ending Veteran Homelessness.

E-Waste & Surplus Remarketing Program

E-waste project

Calling all businesses, cities, hospitals, and governmental agencies … we want YOU!  Why recycle when you can recuperate the investment of idle equipment AND help our Veterans. Help us expand our outreach, training and education program for our Veterans.

Our Purpose

Vethunters is truly a grassroots non-profit organization. We are a group of selfless volunteers who go out into the community and help our Veterans who have been misplaced through homelessness. No Veteran should ever be on the streets after he or she has made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country.

The following video Joe Leal, the founder of Vethunters Project, explains the purpose.


See out latest success story of Terry and Cicci as reported on the Channel 7 News  Logo ABC 7

Terry and Cicci Channel 7


How you get involved

Vethunters CalendarVethunters has events periodically that you can participate in to help raise money. Please check out calendar to stay up to date as where Vethunters will be next!

How you can Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer with us and help get our Veterans off the streets please contact us here.